About Laura

Hi, I’m Laura.

I’m attempting some metaphorical open heart surgery on myself through this creative writing project. It’s a self-indulgent excuse to chronicle my thoughts & feelings about my life experiences so far. Life changes needing to be expressed and possibly overly dissected (as is often my way). Opinions to be shared, whether you like it or not. Perhaps I’ll gain some clarity and maturity from this as a bonus.

It’s amazing how “lived” a life seems when confessed in memoir form. The more I write and reminisce, the more it feels as though I’ve lived through so many stories already. Each of these inevitably disappearing in to memories of what now feel like past lives. In this way, I believe in reincarnation.

I’m sure there are lessons in here somewhere too, there has to be – right? … unfortunately, I think hindsight will be the only path to them at this point.

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